Our Firm

The Moreward Group, LLC (Moreward) was founded in August of 2002 in New Orleans, LA. The firm is currently owned and operated by its two managing members, Arthur McLin III and Corey K. Wilson.

The genesis for Moreward dates back to the fall of 2001 where three working professionals, with prior Big Four and Fortune 500 experience, discussed combining their experiences and resources to fulfill a dream of owning their own consulting firm. At the time that this discussion was held, they were all working for their respective employers located in Washington, DC, Reston, VA and Houston, TX. One common theme among the group was their desire to relocate to their native city, New Orleans.

Two of the three individuals moved back to New Orleans in January of 2001 to start the due diligence necessary to develop a sound business plan and concept. Within a few months a concrete business model was formalized. Within the same period of time they also found an executive sponsor that would provide the start-up resources. By the time Moreward was organized on August 2, 2002, the third individual had moved back and they were doing sub consultant work as individuals.

Since August of 2002 Moreward has been able to expand its client base, enhance the services that they offer, increase their revenues annually, and prime contracts directly with clients. In addition to its New Orleans office, Moreward has offices in Houston, TX and Los Angeles, CA.

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