Services We Offer

Moreward provides services in the following areas:

Financial Advisory: Help clients assess the financial robustness and feasibility of projects and investments at various lifecycle stages
Project Management: Provide services encompassing all project management functions such as budgeting, scheduling, and benchmarking to take a project from conception to completion
Strategic Management: Reengineering business processes to increase value by identifying and improving core business performance, analyzing management controls and procedures, and creating new growth options
Disaster Management: Help clients navigate compliance with federal regulations while improving response and recovery operations
Real Estate Advisory: Assist clients in cradle to grave development activities including obtaining funding, identifying public partnerships, social advocacy strategies, financial modeling, contractor negotiations, and selecting project characteristics
Certifications: Moreward is certified as a minority business enterprise (MBE) with a number of certifying agencies throughout the country. Please see the listing of the agencies that have granted us certification below. Feel free to go to the individual agency's website to see a list of the departments throughout the respective state or city that have reciprocity with the certifying agency.

  1. SBA 8(a) Program, NAICS: 541611
  2. California Unified Certification Program
  3. Maryland Department of Transportation
  4. Texas Unified Certification Program
  5. Louisiana Unified Certification Program

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